In the management of transport fleets, it is necessary to handle specialized software in this area that allows us to enhance our activity and daily tasks. In this sense, it will also be important as it supports the improvement of vehicle maintenance management.

Fleet software and vehicle management improvement

When we are in charge of a fleet of vehicles we must be aware of a wide variety of elements. From the status of each vehicle and its brand, plate, etc., to even the information on whether it has received claims at a certain time; all of these are data that we require.

And a software for the efficient management of transport fleets allows it, so it becomes the essential tool for those in charge of fleet management who need to have all the information in detail in one place. This will allow them to reduce costs, understand which resources they can save and which they should invest in, and maximize the effective use time of a vehicle before it breaks down.

It is important to highlight that, based on qualitative factors such as the condition of the vehicle or its daily activity, quantitative data can be generated that will be used to generate statistics and thus promote a more organized and efficient work. In this way, software for the control of fleets of trucks and cars will provide valuable information that allows the design of action strategies.

As far as maintenance is concerned, an application of this type makes it possible to improve the processes carried out in the fleet. This is how areas such as those related to accessories and plating management become faster, more systematic and organized.

Why use software to manage accessories?

It is important that the software used for fleet control has the option to manage the components that may be needed for the vehicles. In this sense, you must show the person who will operate it all the accessories that the vehicle will require for verification.

At this point it is very important that you show which accessories should be removed, as it will logically be important for the procedure on the vehicle.

Finally, it will be important that all this information is stored in a database as it will be the record that remains in the branch so that future orders can be made with their respective stock update automatically.

And what if the accessory is not available from the manufacturer or seller? In this case, the system must be able to issue a message indicating this situation.

How to optimize plating management in a fleet?

When the fleet incorporates a considerable number of vehicles, their organization becomes more complex and existing. That is why software should be implemented that incorporates the management of the plating of a fleet in an automated way.

This must be able to organize, control and administer immediately and without difficulties both the vehicles registered and those that are not yet registered, but which are already part of the fleet.

In this way, in real time it should be possible to distinguish the vehicle and its respective plate, as well as to change this status in the system. This must of course be achieved with its respective photographic backing and whether it is available for use or not.

When selecting the vehicle unit that interests us and its respective license plate number, the software must display all the information, characteristics and condition of the vehicle. For example, what brand and model of vehicle it is. Thanks to this function, it will be possible to control fleets of trucks and cars in a more optimized way.

What is Authemis and how can it help us?

Authemis is software for efficient fleet management that will allow you to maximize the results of operations, reduce costs, make decisions based on statistics and much more.

Its platform allows vehicles to be integrated from the moment they are purchased from the manufacturer. It allows a wide variety of uses such as those mentioned above, including the control and management of accessories and tackle.

One of the most representative qualities of Authemis as an application for fleet management is its intuitive, simple use and that allows to solve the different needs of those who use it.

In this way, it eliminates the use of tools such as word or excel that do not really allow efficient work. This is how it allows eliminating the tedious processes involved in the administrative part of fleet management, which of course reflects a reduction in time and effort savings for its managers.

Do you want to reduce costs in your vehicle fleet management? With Authemis you reduce back office costs and thus you can concentrate to save your efforts to get better business deals with manufacturers and suppliers.

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