Knowing the damages of a vehicle and knowing how to act can help us save time and money.
If we apply this, not to a vehicle, but to a fleet of vehicles, preventing damage can help increase the useful life of the vehicle. And, consequently, a great saving of money, but also of optimization of time in fleet management.
Advances in technology have made all of this possible. Today, installing vehicle fleet management software can aid vehicle maintenance and much more.

Why manage the maintenance and control of vehicle fleets with software? (automation and digitization of the database)

A vehicle fleet control software is a fleet monitoring and control system that allows all employees of a company to participate and have total control over the vehicle fleet.
All this is possible thanks to an application, which can be accessed from different devices. This application is a fleet manager in which we will always find updated information on the status of our fleet.
Some examples of the type of information that we can find are the following:

– The state of the vehicle.

– The operations carried out in this.

– Who is in the vehicle.

– Damage assessment.

– Statistics.

– Etc.

All these indications are available in the fleet manager in order to save time and effort, and minimize expenses. In the long term, in addition, this fleet monitoring and control system can help to analyze the data accurately and for the company to make changes and improvements both internally (control, vehicle maintenance, etc.) and external (suppliers, dealing with customers, etc.)

How to improve preventive maintenance?

Preventive maintenance of a vehicle consists of anticipating possible failures that it may have: brakes, tires, mechanics, etc.
This means doing more reviews and small fixes on a regular basis in order to prevent serious incidents from occurring that can be very costly to the business.
The way in which we can know these small failures (but that, in the long term, can unleash serious accidents) can be easy and simple thanks to an application installed on our electronic devices. This will notify us of the status and incidents of the vehicle in real time, so we can act quickly and have our fleet of vehicles under control.

How to automate corrective maintenance?

Unlike the previous one, corrective maintenance is to repair a component only when it fails.
A software application for vehicle fleet control can help us enormously, because we can save a lot of time from appointments to workshops, expert opinions, etc. This is because the moment we see a problem, we can solve it through the mobile application.
To do this, all we have to do is make a photographic report of the damage to the vehicle and upload the images to the mobile application for data collection.
After this, the same application will send us the following responses:

– Sending of significant incidents detected, as well as pertinent comments about the affected elements.

– A detailed report with the annotations collected by the expert.

And, in addition, it will help us to solve the problems as follows:

– Select a workshop to fix our vehicle.

– In case we need a replacement part, the application will contact a spare part dealer who will send us a quote. After this, once we accept the quote, the requested replacement will be sent to us.

How can software help with predictive maintenance?

Predictive maintenance has a point in common with preventive maintenance; and it is that neither of them waits for a serious failure in the vehicle to act.
What makes the difference from predictive maintenance is that it performs a diagnosis that predicts when a vehicle component will need to be replaced.

As we have seen in this article, there are numerous benefits if we install a vehicle fleet control software.
All these tools and operations mentioned above are in our hands and exist thanks to the Authemis fleet manager software, created by the Tasarauto company.
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