Constantly, Tasarauto in its desire to improve, is developing applications dedicated to each of the proposals or services that clients request us.

For this, we have created AUTHEMIS, an advanced modular application, structured correctly that allows to incorporate in it all the necessary services for the correct information of our work towards our clients

It incorporates an appropriate interface for each of the profiles so that it is as simple and intuitive for the users.

Great storage DB, photographs, documentation, delivery notes, reports etc that together with the user interface makes the information is at the requested time and in any format.

All the development is our own, our IT department apart from creating the constant improvements proposed by the users, they constantly develop the necessary applications to attend new services and with the best tools available in the market.

It is a challenge for us to integrate with our clients so that bidirectional communication is as automated as possible, so we avoid using other external means, which makes our daily work easier, save unnecessary production costs and take advantage of administrative time. analysis and improvement of the quality of the work carried out.

We are concerned about the level of satisfaction of the users of the different profiles, so we are in constant communication with them, who, on the other hand, are the ones who direct us to create a product that meets and exceeds expectations.

All the development during these years, is based on knowledge and experience, we know the market perfectly and we are aware that the tools should be updated with new technologies, more efficient and faster, it is our challenge so we have the best systems professionals.