When fleet management is carried out, it is necessary to implement tools that allow us to optimize the time and effort in this task in order to achieve faster and more effective results. This is how, taking into account its importance, it is necessary to know the great benefits that a software provides for the maintenance of a renting fleet.

Benefits of using software for fleet management and maintenance

When we are in charge of managing vehicle fleets we carry out a lot of tasks. Information is our ally and every detail matters in order to keep cars in good condition, reduce costs and optimize their management.

All these elements make it necessary to implement software to achieve efficient management of transport fleets. This is because keeping records on paper, word documents or excel spreadsheets are not the most efficient alternatives to carry out an ideal job in this area.

Taking this reality into account, it is necessary to opt for a software that allows the control of fleets of trucks or cars that allows benefits such as the following:

● Registration and management of vehicle fleet data.

● Optimize fleet management.

● Allow efficient management of transport fleets.

● Increases the productivity of the fleet.

● Improve the service with valuable information and in real time.

● Improve the revision of used vehicles.

● Digitize refurbishment in the fleet.

Having these data at hand is very important because they will not only save time and effort, but also include important elements and information that will improve the development of the fleet and its current state in order to make timely decisions.

How to improve the revision of used vehicles?

A second-hand vehicle is one that is in “pre-owned” conditions, that is, even though it has been used, it is in optimal aesthetic and functional condition. They usually have a single owner and do not exceed 15,000 km to be considered within this range.

When we are in charge of fleet management, we must carry out the revision of used vehicles that we will be close to acquiring or to save the information of cars that are already in service.

There are many important points to carry out the review. For example, check the mileage, the external condition of the vehicle, its safety and braking elements, among others. At this point we can also resort to the benefits provided by software for the efficient management of transport fleets.

In this way, software of this nature will make it possible to generate more complete and faster evaluations that provide all the information necessary to carry out the report for each vehicle separately.

It will be possible to carry out the respective photographic report of all areas of the vehicle and thus be able to know its status. This is very important since it makes it possible to manage a stock of images that attest to the condition of the car or truck in an up-to-date way.

On the other hand, it will also allow effective and instantaneous communication between the application and its managers in order to have a quick and timely decision-making on the vehicle.

How to digitize reconditioning in the fleet?

As mentioned above, using papers, word documents or excel spreadsheets is not the right option when we are the vehicle fleet manager. Although we may be very organized, we simply will not be being efficient.

In order to effectively digitize the reconditioning in the fleet, we must save the information we want through an application that allows us to generate the relevant reports, photographic reports, communication management, among other elements, and all in one place.

That is why a software for the control of fleets of trucks, cars or vehicles in general will allow the data of the file to be collected according to the areas of interest for reconditioning.

A highlight when using a tool of this type is that it allows the assessment of vehicle damage, as this information is one of the most important for those in charge of fleet management.

Authemis, the software for fleet maintenance and management

Authemis is the most complete software for the efficient management of transport fleets as it possesses all the qualities mentioned above. This makes it possible to speed up the search periods for information on each vehicle, which optimizes working times.

Having all the relevant data also translates into the possibility of having a strategic position in the face of negotiations carried out with workshops, manufacturers or trading houses, which of course means an improvement in the use of economic resources.

On the other hand, one of the great qualities of Authemis software is its great flexibility to adapt to the needs of each company and its fleet.

Do you want to reduce costs in your vehicle fleet management? With Authemis you reduce back office costs and thus you can concentrate your efforts on achieving better commercial deals with manufacturers and suppliers.

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