The management of transport fleets has been modernized.

We can now say goodbye to manual databases for vehicle fleets. The same applies to those with poor integration through spreadsheets or similar.

Technology has also revolutionized logistics in the automotive sector.

Now vehicle database maintenance is done fully automatically. They will be able to dedicate their time to more productive tasks therefore.

Just a few years ago, transportation fleet management professionals had to use multiple software programs to get their jobs done: project managers, planning tools, GPS-integrated mapping systems, databases, and communication software.

This reality is a thing of the past. Now the applications are more comprehensive and cover all these fields and more. Thanks to them, it will no longer be a problem to operate with a tight budget, a part-time workforce, invest considerable resources in the training of company personnel or drive heavily wheeled second-hand vehicles.

1. Save money on fleet management

A good transportation fleet management program saves money by locating inefficiencies during operation. The higher the mileage of the vehicles, the higher the return on investment.

A database of vehicle fleets makes it possible to detect different driving styles. This has an impact on fuel consumption and wear on vehicle parts. Thus, it is possible to act on the way of driving of the workers to reduce operation or maintenance costs. Say goodbye to data-preventable breakdowns.

2. Optimize the use of time in the management of transport fleets

A vehicle fleet database allows you to schedule your work in the best possible way. This simplifies the daily work of operations directors and fleet managers. By freeing up time, these positions can dedicate their efforts to more productive tasks for the company.

The traceability of the vehicle in real time allows to know when a vehicle has stopped due to a failure in its operation. Thanks to this information it is possible to act quickly by sending a crane or auxiliary vehicle to the place of the breakdown or to the final destination.

A centralized management of the state of the vehicles allows the human team of your company to be more efficient.

3. Preventive maintenance to minimize cost overruns

As we have already pointed out before, the maintenance of the vehicle database makes it possible to monitor how fleet drivers circulate. This translates into greater control over the risks associated with driving a vehicle.

Reducing the number of maneuvers that cause accidents with management programs is a possibility. This limits the time the vehicles spend in the workshop. At the same time, prevention brings financial savings.

In addition, the software has a reminder system that shows on the screen, in a clear and striking way, when a vehicle needs to be checked. Problems arising from late maintenance are history. The warnings pop up whenever an oil, filter or brake pad change is approaching, for example.

4. Management of the maintenance of transport vehicles

Authemis is a fleet management software that has advanced control functions geared towards vehicle maintenance.

With large fleets it is common for several vehicles to be inoperative while being checked, readjusted and repaired in the workshop. It is crucial for the smooth running of the business that these stops are brief. With database software, for example, the operations manager has access to an interface where the status of the entire vehicle can be checked.

In this screen you can check its location, which mechanic is working with the unit, what needs the vehicle has and at what stage the repair process is. This gives a global idea of ​​the state of the fleet.

Take charge of managing your fleet with Authemis

Maintaining a secure database returns control of the fleet to the director of operations or fleet manager. The data compiled by the Authemis tool (link to the AUTHEMIS page) makes it easy to orchestrate all vehicles.

The application displays relevant information on the screen, always up-to-date and without any clutter, about fleet management regardless of whether you have one or 1,000 vehicles in your fleet.

In this way, the professional can make sure that all vehicles are ready, ready to go to their destination as soon as a client requires it.

In addition, the fleet manager will be able to

Plus, thanks to preventive maintenance, your route will run smoothly. Eliminating daily contingencies makes work easier, improves customer perception of the company and minimizes operating costs.

Do you want to save costs and streamline the management of your transport fleet with Authemis?