Servicios de tasación de flotas y peritación de vehículos

Surely you are wondering how to carry out the appraisal of vehicles for the Treasury. Either because you have in mind to buy another car, or to make an exchange, to know the value of the fleet of company cars or through a certain legal procedure, it will be necessary that you know what is the price that is estimated in the market.

Are you looking to reduce costs in the management of vehicle fleets? In the car rental and sale businesses great efforts are made to effectively manage their company car fleet. Taking this reality into account, below are the keys to reducing costs in the management of vehicle fleets in order to save resources, optimize processes and obtain positive results.

The management of transport fleets has been modernized. We can now say goodbye to manual databases for vehicle fleets. The same applies to those with poor integration through spreadsheets or similar. Technology has also revolutionized logistics in the automotive sector.

A diferencia de otros tipos de transporte, los vehículos industriales están destinados exclusivamente al entorno empresarial. Es decir, deben usarse estrictamente en la satisfacción de las necesidades de la empresa, y no para propósitos personales.