Vehicle fleet management has different phases or processes where every detail matters so that everything happens correctly. In this sense, the location of fleets is one of the most important since we must know the location of each transport at all times, in addition to the information about it from its reception, location and plating. How this is possible will be presented below.

Benefits of using software for fleet management and maintenance

Thanks to technological advances today it is possible to maintain complete control of a fleet of vehicles remotely. This, in addition to being very convenient, is a real necessity considering that, the larger it is, the more demanding its management.

For this, there is nothing better than using fleet management software. These are very useful tools that adapt in a versatile way to the needs of each transport company in a unique way, thus integrating each of the departments that it has.

In this way, both the administrative, operational and technical areas will be in complete synchrony regarding the information of the fleet. This is one of its most important benefits since they allow, either via the web or through applications, that the reception of vehicles, their control, location of fleets and their management in general is carried out by synchronizing the information in real time.

How to automate the reception of vehicles?

Automating vehicle reception is the beginning of fleet management, which is why a fleet management and control system is required to generate detailed information on the status of the vehicle that has arrived.

This is really very important, since once it is received and appraised, the software must be able to present the condition of the vehicle in question, grouping the data in a particular file following the specified route that the company has determined according to its individuals needs. Through these, you should also be able to generate reports with statistics that are a quantitative support in decision-making.

This is how a fleet management and control system allows automating the reception of vehicles and reducing check-in times. After this step, all areas of the company will be able to track the fleets or the particular vehicle to streamline the entire system.

How to digitize fleet positioning control?

In locating fleets, it is necessary to make use of technology that allows to digitize and manage each vehicle separately and, in turn, all together simultaneously. This is a very important point since, years ago, it was not possible to carry out this and now it is with technological advances.

Thus, an application for fleet monitoring is the most comfortable option to record the updated vehicle location from the device of your choice and, above all, instantly.

But fleet tracking is not based solely on the check-in that is made to each incoming transport, but also on the check-out that it must have once it leaves the facilities. At this point, it is important that the system automatically marks when it occurs, in order to free the space occupied by the exiting vehicle.

Finally, these applications for fleet location have the option of massively creating locations and importing them, as well as modifying them if necessary and, of course, that all areas can view them at the same time.

Authemis, the software for efficient fleet management

As mentioned above, a software for fleet management must be able to automate the reception of vehicles and digitize the control of their positioning. All these resources are made by Authemis, the most complete software for efficient fleet management.
Thanks to its wide variety of functions, Authemis allows comprehensive control of the entire status of each vehicle in order to provide enhanced monitoring of fleets. Not only does it save all the documentation, data and information, but it shares it in real time from the vehicle’s check-in, being the first step, until check-out.

It allows you to manage the maintenance, condition and accidents of the vehicle in order to make a detailed report of these. On the other hand, it also has functions for the expert cabinet, appraisals, control of repairs and their verification.

Already in the operational area, Authemis is a fleet management and control system that will help in the workshop by managing budgets, orders and the invoicing process. All this in a completely comprehensive way and that will allow a optimal fleet management.

Do you want to reduce costs in your vehicle fleet management? With Authemis you reduce back office costs and thus you can concentrate your efforts on achieving better commercial deals with manufacturers and suppliers.

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